Our Story

Mission Statement:

MAST, the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team, Inc., is a nonprofit avocational group dedicated to documentation, scientific study and education pertaining to underwater archaeological resources.

How did MAST start?

Formed in March 2000, MAST is composed of individuals who participated in underwater archaeology workshops sponsored by Bowling Green State University, The Great Lakes Historical Society, Ohio Council of Skin and Scuba Divers, Inc., Submerged Lands Advisory Council, Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Coastal Management Program), Ohio Historical Society (Historic Preservation Office), and Save Ontario Shipwrecks (Ohio Chapter).

Why Is MAST needed?

Presently, of the over 1,400 wrecks estimated to be in Lake Erie, only five have been surveyed and registered as an official archaeological site with the State of Ohio. Each vessel was surveyed by MAST members. Educating the public was a prime reason the surveys were conducted. As a result of this venture and in conjunction with The Great Lakes Historical Society and Ohio Sea Grant three underwater dive slates were created. They contain a map of the site which will help divers understand what they are seeing during the dive along with a vessel history on the reverse side. These guides won the Sea Grant Blue Ribbon Award for Partnership in 2003.

M.A.S.T. Preserving Great Lakes History One Shipwreck At A Time


Who Benefits from MAST?

Anyone that uses Lake Erie and its resources. These include boating, fishing, diving, genealogy, shipbuilding, history, research, commerce, and many others not named here.

Who can join MAST?

Anyone. MAST is composed of divers and non-divers. One thing everyone has in common is a keen interest in shipwrecks. Participation is totally voluntary and each member brings their skills to the team, whether it be researching, drafting, diving, organizing, art work, or writing. One simply needs to take the MAST workshop which is conducted once a year.

MAST Movie Overview
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2008 - M.A.S.T.  received a donation from Underwater Images, Ohio Council of Skin and Scuba Diver, Inc. and Scubfest for $500 at the Shipwrecks and Scuba banquet, MAST thanks them for all the support they have giving in the past and for this check.


What awards has MAST received?

  • 2003 - Sea Grant Blue Ribbon Award for best partnership publication
    within the National Sea Grant College program for 2002
  • 2005 - Co-winners of the Public Education and Awareness Award from the
    Ohio Historical Society Office of Historic Preservation
  • 2006 - Ohio Lake Erie Award from the Ohio Lake Erie Commission for
    outstanding contributions to enhance Lake Erie
  • 2008 - Ken Marshall was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation from B.A.D. for all the work he did on designing and getting the moorings deployed.
  • See a great write-up in the October 2011 issue of Midwest Dive News on MAST and the Buoys

How can I join? Please contact: 

Maritime Archaeological Survey Team, Inc.
P.O. Box 93352
Cleveland, OH 44101-5352
email: Committee@ohiomast.org