The next MAST Workshop will be
in the spring of 2018 


It is that time of year again - the National Museum of the Great Lakes and the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team's Archaeology Training Workshop!

This year our workshop will be on April 28-29, 2018 and May 19 OR 20, 2018.  The weekend in April will be classroom instruction and hands on practice and will take place at the National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo, Ohio.  The in water practice, in May, will be in White Star Quarry.

There are two levels of training: Basic and Advanced.  The Basic class is open to anyone who is interested in shipwreck archaeology and is over 16 years of age.  The Advanced class is open to people that have previously taken the basic class.  Details about the levels of training can be found at

Registration for the workshop is $170 for either level and includes one ticket to the MAST annual dinner that will be held on April 28 at the  Maumee Bay Lodge in Oregon Ohio.

The phone number for the hotel is - (419) 836-1466 x 1   

As part of the training weekend, MAST will be holding their annual meeting, dinner, and program.  This is open to everyone!  This year we will be hosting Dr. John O'Shea, Curator of Great Lakes Archaeology at the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology and the Emerson F. Greenman Collegiate Professor of Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology.  He will be presenting "Hunting Caribou Hunters Beneath Lake Huron"  More information about his presentation can be found here:

New this year: We have online registration through Eventbrite!  You can do that here

Ticket for Dinner Only:

As always - if you have questions, please contact Carrie at 419-214-5000 x 201 or  Pass this information on to anyone you think might be interested in our program!

Workshop Flyer 2018






The Great Lakes Historical Society’s Peachman Lake Erie Shipwreck Research Center (GLHS’s PLESRC) and the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST) are pleased to present the 2017 GLHS/MAST Nautical Archaeology Workshop and Training.


In order to equip our members with skills and knowledge to better understand shipwreck research, construction and surverying, MAST coordinates annual workshops. These workshops feature a series of seminars and a variety of speakers and topics.

MAST workshops also cover topics such as the trilateration method used for underwater archaeological surveys. Along with lectures, "land" and "in water" sessions are given in order to practice using these skills. Additional topics may include ship construction, which is crucial in understanding the ship parts you may be viewing underwater.

Our annual training workshop happens in the spring Tell your friends, dive buddies, dive clubs, etc .


The Basic Level Workshop 

if you haven’t participated in a very long time, this can offer a great opportunity to re-introduce yourself to MAST and the techniques and principals.  It is also an opportunity for you to tell all of your friends and dive buddies about our great program and encourage them to participate.  

This is the basic class to become a member of MAST and take part in our ongoing archaeological field work.  This level will teach you the basics of nautical archaeology, why we do it and how to do it.  Topics include, Ship Parts, Trilateration, Survey Equipment, and Laws and Ethics. (Class limited to 30 people)


The Advanced Level Workshop

This workshop is for anyone who has previously taken the basic workshop and would like to learn more, advance their skills, and take an opportunity to investigate a site on their own.  Please note – we have completely revamped 75% of this workshop and have changed the focus of it.  If you are interested in this class and would like to know more about what has changed,  please don’t hesitate to contact us.

(Prerequisite – Basic Level Training and have been part of a Great Lakes Historical Society or a MAST survey project): Take your training a step further and learn how to identify and catalog a cultural site.  Topics on advanced techniques include Survey Logistics, Preliminary Documentation, the Great Anchor Project, and other special topics. (Class limited to 15 people)



This 1 day workshop is for a MAST member that hasn’t been involved in a couple of years and would like to refresh their memory on the trilateration technique. We will be running a MAST Tune-Up class during the regular workshop weekend. This class will take place on Sunday, You will receive classroom refresher on trilateration techniques, and then join with the workshop class to map the S.S. Vermilion. You are also invited to join us at the quarry during our in-water work to tune-up your skills with the Basic Workshop students. This class is $40 and includes lunch on Sunday, as well as all formal instruction. 

In water practice at White Star Quarry SR 300  Gibsonburg, OH

In water practice at White Star Quarry SR 300  Gibsonburg, OH


MAST Workshop funding provided in part by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.