Joyce S. Hayward Memorial 5K Fun Run

A 5K Fun Run will be on August 6th in Bellevue OH to promote the HOPE project (Hayward Outdoor Pavilion for Education) in honor of Joyce S. Hayward, who was on the MAST Board of Directors before her death in 2009. If you would like to participate and/or donate to honor Joyce's memory, please contact Karen Middleswarth at 



There are quite a few upcoming events open to MAST members over the next month.   So, sign up today by calling or emailing Carrie (440-967-3467 or


NMGL would like to invite all MAST members to join us for the annual appreciation lecture on Saturday, June 11 at 1 pm. 

Ancient Hunters and the Great Inland Seas: 9,000 Years of Submerged Prehistory

Shipwreck research isn’t the only underwater archeology being conducted on the Great Lakes. Dr. John O’Shea’s research explores the potential human occupation of the Alpena-Amberely Ridge in central Lake Huron. During a period of low lake levels, the ridge would have been a natural migration route for caribou, therefore a logical hunting ground for humans. Join us to learn about the research taking place to explore these exciting possibilities.

More information here:
Inlandseas Membership Appreciation Lecture and Annual Meeting
RSVP: or 419-214-5000


As many of you know - after a long day of survey, we usually make a stop at the Tremont Tap House for some drinks and grub.  On June 25, we will continue this tradition.  We hope that even if you can't make it out on the boat with us, you might join us to hear the sea stories from the day of work!
We will keep you updated on Facebook on that Saturday in terms of our arrival back at the dock and intended time at the Tap House (usually 4ish)

GLHS - MAST Summer Field Work

The time has come!  We are excited to be doing three full weekends of field work this summer!

This is a re-birth year for MAST and GLHS and our programs.  If you haven't heard, after cancelling the workshop last year due to lack of interest - we had a tremendous class this year with 37 new students!  We hope that you will re-new your interest in MAST and our work on surveying shipwrecks in the waters in Lake Erie.  We are asking you to sign up for two days of survey to help complete our site plans.

We will be working on two different wrecks - the first is to complete the work on the Dump Barge just off Cleveland.  If we complete that work the first weekend, then we will move on to the Tug Admiral.

The Dates we will be working are:

  • Saturday, June 25, 2016
  • Sunday, June 26, 2016
  • Saturday, July 30, 2016
  • Sunday, July 31, 2016
  • Saturday, August 27, 2016
  • Sunday, August 28, 2016

We will be leaving out of Cleveland on the Holiday.  Please know, when you sign up, you are committing to a full day - we usually leave the dock around 9 am and don't return until at least4 pm.  You will need to supply all of your own diving gear, including weights and tanks.  You will also need to bring your own lunch and beverages.  If you sign up for a full weekend, I will provide air fills for you.  If you have questions about the work, please don't hesitate to call(440-967-3467).

Email Carrie to sign up for any dates -  

Dump Barge
This interesting barge was found in 2011 by the group from CLUE. 
You can read more about the wreck here. 

The Admiral was lost in a storm in December 1942.  There is a lot known about this shipwreck and you can begin looking at the information here.

Maritime Archaeological Survey Team

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News Alert! Just published

 The Wreck of the Brig Sultan: An Archaeological Investigation

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Holiday moored to Sultan buoy (Photo by Chris Kraska, MAST)

Holiday moored to Sultan buoy (Photo by Chris Kraska, MAST)

What is MAST?

MAST, the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team is a nonprofit avocational group dedicated to the documentation of Ohio's underwater historic resources. Formed in March of 2000, MAST is composed of volunteer individuals who support and participate in research, documentation, underwater archaeological surveys, and educational workshops.


MAST's ongoing commitment to education includes training new members on skills and techniques used for shipwrecks research, measuring, mapping and plotting. In addition, MAST works to educate our community in our historic underwater resources.

Shipwreck Surveys

MAST's shipwreck surveys have resulted in the several technical reports for shipwrecks such as the Adventure, the Hanna, and the F.H.Prince.  Additionally, these shipwrecks have been registered as official archaeological sites with the State of Ohio. MAST has also worked to produce underwater slates for the sites surveyed.

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